Celebrity Hairstyles on The Cutting Edge

Celebrity hairstyles are an excellent place to look if your considering a new hairstyle. Celebrities are usually on the cutting-edge of what’s new and trendy in fashion and beauty. They have also have the money and resources to seek out the best in professional hairstyling services.

True celebrity hairstyles are glamorous but make sure that they are suited to your age, skin color, needs and budget. Unlike celebrities, you might not have enough time or cash to spend on maintaining your star hairstyle. The bottom lone is to try out a hairstyle that is glamorous, yet practical enough to suit your needs.


Victoria Beckham

Shaggy Layers – fringes with crooked parts

The critics and the media are always amazed at Victoria Beckham’s hairstyles. They are usually short in length, with a bit of fringe and typically set off a hairstyle trend. Remember the “Posh Bob”? So take a cue here.

Victoria’s hairstyle is cut in jagged layers and a long side swept fringe pulled from a crooked part. This hairstyle works really well for her heart shaped face and wide forehead.

On the surface, Victoria Beckham’s hairstyles are just bobs with textured layers and a slightly different cut. By studying the hairstyles of Victoria , one will find that she is always on the cutting edge and doesn’t stick to the dull hairstyles that are supposedly the only ones allowed for certain face shapes. A little styling and a fresh perspective has resulted in a trendier and more sophisticated look for her.



Bouncy Curls – with a touch of wavy fringe

Annalynne Mccord’s hairstyle has plenty of volume thanks to these bouncy curls. Blonde highlights, a touch of wave to the bangs kept long enough and swept to the side accentuate her beautiful facial features.

This celebrity hairstyle is perfect for any special occasion and can be achieved easily with a medium barrel curling iron. Medium to long layers just touching the shoulders are cut through the sides and back to allow the curls to bounce up and create width to her style.


Carrie Underwood with long layered hairstyle and soft curls


Long Layers – with soft curls

Long layered hairstyles have been popular for years and seem to dominate celebrity hairstyles today.

The back of Carrie Underwood’s hair sports long layers to allow the hair strands to fall effortlessly downwards. The sides and the bangs have shorter layers so that they can sassily mingle into each other, creating a glamorous frame for her face.

In this style, her long hair is pulled from a cooked part to create a fringe at the side, and soft waves sinuously framing the face.

Long layered hairstyles can be parted at the center or parted at the side. The straightness of the hair strands is unforgiving, but the stylish elegance is undeniable. Check out Alicia Witt and see if her celebrity hair cut will sit well on you.



Bobs, Bangs and Fringe

Bobs with fringe bangs are one among the immensely popular celebrity hairstyles. Often cut well past the eye, fringe bang hairstyles can take attention from some peculiar facial features like a high forehead.

Fringe bang hairstyle can go well with both straight, curly or wavy hair. If your straight hair looks a bit too severe and needs to be softened, the new shorter and blunter bangs and fringes would be your ideal choice.


Cheryl Burke


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